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tomorrow is my 22nd bday and I wish I could just skip over it.


friend: hey i’ll be at your house in 5 minutes i hope you’re ready!



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I’ve been feeling inspired lately. Idk why, but I feel like once my shit is a little more together I can accomplish some pretty cool things. My brains been swarming with new ideas and goals lately, but there are still some obvious setbacks. 

The main thing bothering me lately though is my major. I love the J school, and all the things I’ve learned there have been extremely valuable but I made a mistake. As a political science minor, I’ve only gotten a small taste of what those classes are like and how much they interest me. My passion is and always has been politics…not writing a famous blog or becoming twitter famous. I should have followed my gut and done Political Science as my major.  

I guess I was kinda blinded by the glitter and glam of the J school. It seemed so appealing and awesome but I’m not cut out for it. I just don’t have the characteristics that most J students have. I want to do something awesome in my life and get paid for it…but I don’t want the recognition or praise that famous journalists get. I want to be apart of something, I want to undercover crazy shit going on in our world but I just want to be apart of it, not the leader of it.

I’m not a leader. I’m not a follower. I’m somewhere in the middle, I feel like I exist as the stance of neutrality in terms of how I present myself in the world. I want to be heard but I do not want to be the loudest voice heard. 

My brain is going about 234802394823 miles an hour right now…

"It is a mark of maturity when someone hurts you,
and you try to understand them."

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